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Ability and flexibility

We provide search and selection services being able and flexible to adjust our methodology to the different needs of each client and each profile.

Needs analysis
  • Analysis of the company and the market in which it operates;
  • Needs analysis and definition of the profile.
  • Activation of multiple available sources of recruitment (advertisements in the press and on the Internet, LinkedIn, and Others)
  • Direct search;
  • QiBit DB;
  • Networking.
  • Video interview (on request) enables faster and efficient screening.
  • In-depth motivation-based interviews;
  • Hard and soft skills analysis;
  • Tests / tailored psychological and behavioural assessment;
  • Technical tests;
  • Short-list;
  • Management of the entire selection process;
  • Support and advice in the negotiation process of admission of the selected candidate;
  • Follow-up after admission.

Additionally, we try to take a proactive stance in identifying professionals in the labour market by creating a pool of talent for each key position defined by our customers.